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                                       We are a small club based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. We have a small class of dedicated and competent students and have now been open for 5 years. Our ethic is quality not quantity.

Daishin Ryu Kempo is a modern close combat fighting art formulated from the 25 years of martial art experience of Sensei Simon Latimer. Although it is a new system it’s heart and values lie firmly in traditional Japanese martial arts.
We are a none competitive system of martial art as we place emphasis on the practical aspects of self defence. Thus the system contains blocks, strikes, kicks, throws, holds and restraints, as well as escaping methods, similar to those found in Karate, Judo/Jiu Jutsu, and Aikido.

Respect and etiquette are the primary principles within the dojo. This high standard makes for a safe and pleasant training environment, where everyone knows each other and holds them in high regard.

We offer a well rounded training syllabus suitable to  all  who are open to a contact sport, from the age of 6 years and over.


Training Times

Wednesday evenings 7.00 until 9.00

Jnrs (under 16 years) ONLY £4.50

Snrs (over 16 years) ONLY £5.00


 A licence is required after 4wks

Jnrs New £25

Snrs New £30



 Simon Latimer had the average up bringing from divorced parentage. He watched the TV programs Kung Fu, Monkey and The Master, these gave him an avid interest in all things to do with the martial arts.


 At the age of 15 he took up Shukokai Karate and in a single grading achieved his orange belt passing white and yellow in the process. This fact made him realise he’d found something not only could he relate to, but understood and was reasonably competent at.


 He was approached (after this karate grading) by Sensei Nick Wraight who asked him if he wished to learn a encompassing system of martial arts. Eager and naive he said yes and under the tuition of Sensei Wraight learned Aiki, Kobudo and Kenjutsu. Sensei Wraight’s approach taught him there was no best system or style only practitioners, and he was encouraged to study other systems not to gain renown or grades but to understand their principles. For if you have some idea who you face and what they know you have a better chance of winning. Know your enemy! Simon remembers his first lesson at Sensei Wraight’s dojo:


 “ I had gotten changed into my gi, and walked into the dojo. I noticed that the matting continued up the walls of the dojo. Inquisitiveness (or stupidity) caused me to ask why the walls were padded. Sensei Wraights answer was simple, he threw me every which way. The question was never asked again.”


 He continued training with Sensei Wraight until Sensei left for Japan to live with his Japanese wife. He then found a local dojo for Kempo Ju Jitsu and this was the turning point in his martial arts life. It was from this point he found his goal to become the best he could be. He met with Sensei David Hand and at every opportunity trained with him in Bushi Kempo Ju Jitsu. Some times training seven days a week in various clubs throughout Stoke-on-Trent. Simon says:


 “ It was the best of times, I actually felt I belonged. I met some of the greatest and most influential people of my life through the practice of martial arts. I was truly happy”



HISTORY: Beyond Bushi Kempo

Simon progressed through the kempo grades and soon became the Instructor of Milton Dojo. Here he taught classes of over 40 juniors and 23 seniors. He intern passed this dojo onto his senior students P. Wilshaw and R. Meddings when his life became somewhat hectic.


At this time he went into semi retirement as home requirements took a lot of his time, though for a short time he still ran clubs in Norton and Rode Heath, but never gave up the researching of technique or meaning to the martial arts.


Over the next few years he studied Aikido with Sensei Chris Norburn, Iai & Kenjutsu under the excellent tuition of Sensei Frank Brownsword, and a variety of other systems.


In 2005 he gained his level one Reiki certificate and was asked to teach again.

He opened (with the full support and blessings of Sensei Dave Hand) the Daishin Ryu Dojo, his own system formulated from the knowledge he gained throughout the years.


“ I can only thank those who taught me, and my students past, present and future for providing me an eternal goal. I am indebted to you all.”



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